Hospital and pharmaceutical products HOSPIFAR , it’s the leading company in Hospifar Group, established in the country since 1993. We are dedicated to the import, representation and distribution of the most famous international brands for health care throughout the national territory and part of the Antilles.

As a service company we take care of planning, assisting, advising and supervising medical, hospital and institutional projects; besides providing training, installation, repair and maintenance services for equipment purchased by our customers.

The strength of over 20 years in the market allows us to have great prestige in the area of health in the Dominican Republic. During this time, we have acquired the exclusive representation or authorized by the leaders of the international market in our area, who guarantee the quality of our services with the success of their brands, as in the case of 3M, Johnson & Johnson, Fresenius Kabi, Cardinal, Covidien, Biogalenic, American Health Care Products, among others.

A catalog of over two thousand of international quality products, guarantee our company the best solutions in the market with a personalized service and 100% coverage of the Pharmaceutical-hospital.