WHO strategy on hand hygiene is viable and sustainable

The WHO strategy for improving hand hygiene is easily applied by health workers, according to a new study published in Lancet Infectious Diseases. The health care related infections are a major threat to patient safety worldwide, and its transmission in such settings occurs mainly via the hands of healthcare workers.

The WHO strategy was carried out in 55 departments of 43 hospitals in various countries around the world over a period of two years. During this time the observance of best practices increased from 51% before starting the study to 67% after complete it and the infrastructure and staff skills also improved significantly at all sites.

The health care related infections are caused by germs that transmit health professionals to patients when touched. The most common are those affecting the urinary tract, surgical infections, pneumonia and blood infections caused by multi-resistant germs such as methicillin-resistant (MRSA) S. aureus. Of 100 hospitalized patients, they acquire a healthcare-related at least 7 infection in developed countries and 10 in developing countries.

Prevention and infection control is one of the basic policy pillars identified by the WHO to combat the increasingly serious problem of antimicrobial resistance.

The Future of the Parenteral Nutrition is here with Kabiven of Fresenius Kabi

At a time when patients are sensitive in the intensive care unit or elsewhere, parenteral nutrition contributes to the patient intravenously basic nutrients needed to restore the quality of life. Substances supplied for food should provide all the energy and nutrients required.

In that sense when a person is unable to feed herself, you should use alternative methods that will allow you to receive essential salts, sugars, amino acids, vitamins... safe and suitable for your metabolism regardless of the symptoms presented and thus thereby to recover, then is the time where should only be given Kabiven of Fresenius Kabi®.

It is a noble, friendly product with the environment, made with 100% recyclable and biodegradable materials, which has won numerous international awards for its environmental attributes, and may last up to two years at room temperature and still maintain stability unaltered.

Kabiven® belongs to the group of medicines called Solutions IV for premixed parenteral nutrition, as already mentioned. It can be used in adults and children over 2 years old, when oral or enteral nutrition (Fresenius of Fresubin Kabi®) is impossible, insufficient or in the rarely cases that is contraindicated.

Guerbet adquiere Mallinckrodt.

Aiming to create a new global leader in medical imaging, Guerbet multinational announced that it had signed a definitive agreement under which it will acquire Contrast Media Systems and Business Administration from Mallinckrodt ("CMDS").

Guerbet is a company of French origin, a pioneer in the field of contrast media, with almost 90 years of experience in the global market, the only pharmaceutical group dedicated to the field of medical imaging worldwide. Offers a wide range of X-ray, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), Interventional Radiology, injectors and medical devices related to improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients.

Mallinckrodt, in turn, is an American company, a global biopharmaceutical specializes in medical imaging business that develops, manufactures, markets and distributes specialty pharmaceuticals, contrast media and images.

Yves L'Epine, Guerbet CEO, commented on the business operation conducted by these multinationals: "This acquisition transforms and motorized Guerbets future: turnover doubles, can expand our geographic footprint and complement the offer both in contrast media and solutions and imaging services. We would be very pleased to welcome our colleagues CMDS Mallinckrodt to realize a successful and fast integration process and then start together the way to creating a new global leader in medical imaging ".

The acquisition also comes at a time of historic fortress of Guerbet. This company currently has a sound financial position and the rapid reduction of debt in the last three years, the Group is well positioned for best results in an operation of this magnitude.