The Future of the Parenteral Nutrition is here with Kabiven of Fresenius Kabi

At a time when patients are sensitive in the intensive care unit or elsewhere, parenteral nutrition contributes to the patient intravenously basic nutrients needed to restore the quality of life. Substances supplied for food should provide all the energy and nutrients required.

In that sense when a person is unable to feed herself, you should use alternative methods that will allow you to receive essential salts, sugars, amino acids, vitamins... safe and suitable for your metabolism regardless of the symptoms presented and thus thereby to recover, then is the time where should only be given Kabiven of Fresenius Kabi®.

It is a noble, friendly product with the environment, made with 100% recyclable and biodegradable materials, which has won numerous international awards for its environmental attributes, and may last up to two years at room temperature and still maintain stability unaltered.

Kabiven® belongs to the group of medicines called Solutions IV for premixed parenteral nutrition, as already mentioned. It can be used in adults and children over 2 years old, when oral or enteral nutrition (Fresenius of Fresubin Kabi®) is impossible, insufficient or in the rarely cases that is contraindicated.

Kabiven is simple, safe and effective, an innovative parenteral nutrition therapy clinical laboratory developed by the German Fresenius Kabi® world leader in enteral and parenteral nutrition. It consists of three intravenous solutions with a special food formulation. A bag comprising three individual chambers sealed with an over pouch that in turn contains three different types of liquid under the new principle of opening, blending and nourishing the patient.

Kabiven of Fresenius Kabi® is also safe, simple and an effective product with quality and vanguard technology , you only can find this product at Hospifar Group, their safe health options.