Hospifar logistics center expands its fleet of delivery vehicles

The new and modern inventory facilities optimization and mass distribution of Hospifar Group products and its leader company Hospifar SRL, are strategically located in the vicinity of the Autopista Duarte in Santo Domingo Oeste. The same are equipped with all the necessary equipment for the proper and efficient management of medicines and medical supplies in the country, according to its vice president Mr. Tomás Lebrón Barroso

An infrastructure area with more than 10,000 square meters in superficie of warehouses stored our exemplary logistics center ,model in the country in its area, equipped with the largest fleet of vehicles in the market, some 23 in total including trucks, vans, short beds and large beds as well as buses and vans properly identified to ensure immediate deliveries on all over the country.

Hospifar, is the first supplier firm of healthcare products have been certified by the International Standards Secure Trade BASC, in our logistic center (DOMSDQ00059-2-2) and corporate offices (DOMSDQ00059-1-2), a fact that consolidates our position as the best and most reliable service in the market.

We are also certified in Good Storage Practices by the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance (MISPAS), reasons that ensure the quality and reliability of drugs and / or equipment supply, security of delivery and excellence in results of the services we provide.