Hospifar Group Celebrates its First Meeting of Union

In order to fellowship and further strengthen the bonds of brotherhood between all members of the companies to the business, the First Meeting of the Union of Hospifar Group was celebrated.

The event was celebrated at the facilities of the Softball play at the Club of the Central Bank in the city of Santo Domingo. A number of sports activities were offered to attendees who actively participated according to their preferences Softball League and Domino.

The joy was the common denominator of that afternoon where each team was encouraged at its finest by effusive fans. The meeting was attended by all employees and senior executives of companies.

The opening words were spoken by Mr. Rafael Perez Barroso, who proclaimed an emotional speech to all the staff with the central objective of promoting inter-connection of the most assertive way. Dr. Maria del Carmen Barroso was the sponsor of the event and the opening prayer was made by Mr. Augusto Green. In the activity the teams: "Leaders of the Office" and "Collected Warehouse” met in two exciting consecutive games.

The teams were draws for the winner in each confrontation. The activity ended in the evening hours, at which time the memorial were delivered to members of the winning team medals and recognition to the most valuable player, Mr. Ernesto Martijena respectively.

With this meeting was proven once again the famous phrase: "In union there is strength."